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About Us

Shaping Africa Credit was founded in 2018, and registered in 2019, as a limited company in Kenya with an aim to redefine the African Woman through enhancing her financial and business eco-systems. Shaping Africa has grown to be a greater force in the credit sector offering a wide scope of credit products tailored to meet women needs.

Our mission is building a lasting relationship with their customer through offering distinctive, customer centric exceptional services and products consequently improving socio-economic transformation of the lives and livelihoods of African households. 

Our vision is to be the preferred financial institution of choice in Africa

SAC fulfills its mission through the development and implementation of innovative, scalable, and high impact products, services and effective partnerships. SAC is a model institution and its products and services are designed to reach the un-banked and vulnerable population, and success in poverty reduction. SAC endeavors to implement cost effectiveness, efficiency, and scale her operations, hence increasing the rate of return on both social and economic investments as well as change the lives of people in Africa and to impact the economic life of the continent. 

SAC focus areas include financial inclusion, Entrepreneurship and Job creation, Agriculture and food Security, Education, Health, Energy and Environment,

Recognizing the need for a platform drive grater financial inclusion and capacities among women of Africa and grow initiatives with a social impact, Shaping Africa was thus established.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Focused
  • Respect for all
  • Integrity
  • Ethical Standards