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Shaping Africa Leadership Academy (SALA)

SALA is a highly selective leadership program that aims to prepare the next generation of global leaders hence connecting the dots between entrepreneurship and leadership.

SALA Objectives

Getting more women and young people into entrepreneurship and leadership. Pathway to employment and job creation.

SALA offers

A real-world entrepreneurial experience – the scholars are given opportunity to be exposed to the business world and turn them in to possible world class successful entrepreneurs and leaders and replicate the experience in their future workplaces.

SALA Model

SALA is an Application based program for students from universities and colleges, pursuing diploma and degree professional and academic studies. We accept applicants come from all background and culture and should have passion and leadership potential to grow in SAC group.


Expanding Apprenticeship Opportunities in Africa

In the effort of closing unemployment gap. SALA apprenticeship program closes the Skills gap through a competency-based apprenticeship program by providing graduates with am opportunity  to master occupational skills by exposing them to on-the-job training that enables them gain practical experience to enable them fit in the existing world of job consequently  developing the workforce of the future. The program integrates what  the graduates  have learnt on the job and in  the University. Only for graduates who have completed their university education for the last 1 year.


Catalyzing transformation of food systems and growth to create employment opportunities for youth. As an effort to transform the African agriculture landscape. SAC  has created a catalyst program that is hoped to transform our food systems and accelerate their growth to create employment opportunities for youth as well as provide food security. The program provides supports to farmers, with a little help from university students. Farmers are matched with graduate students to provide agriculture expertise requested by the farmer during their holidays. This is a way to connect farmers that are well-rooted in their agriculture enterprises with budding agricultural scientists and innovative farming techniques. In addition to helping local farmers, the projects also build the institutional capacity of the organizations and expose graduate students to critical agricultural needs in transitional economies. Help farmers improve how they grow or sell their produce. The students serve as consultants on the farmers. Students must be in the Agriculture science based studies. This inspires a generational shift among the youth to agriculture  and Agribusiness industry through and mentorship.