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Smart Gas Loan

We offer two kinds of Smart Gas Loans;

Domestic Gas Loan

It caters for the acquisition of  Gas Cylinder, Gas, regulator, pipe, and Cookers (Various Sizes) to households in a bid to promote clean energy in the community.

Stockist Gas Loan

It supports gas stockists and enables them to acquire more stock hence reaching more customers and eventually promoting clean energy.

Why Shaping Africa Credit

  1. Affordable products
  2. Flexible repayment period
  3. Friendly and Supportive Staff
  4. Prompt Service
  5. Solid Partnership with product distributors


Why Use Gas?

  • Efficiency
  • No pollution Exposure
  • Convenience -saves on time of collecting & purchasing fuel and preparing the stove
  • Availability: readiness to use when needed
  • Safety minimal severity of injuries caused by the stove is less compared with firewood, charcoals, and kerosine
  • Affordability: share of household budget spent on fuel is low. Less expensive than cooking with firewood, kerosene, and charcoal.